possible performance

Possible performance is a script of gestures written in the second person: You try to jump but you try also not to jump. These gestures explore different forms of impossibility or considers impossibility as an embodied philosophy.

I invite others (friends, people I like, people I trust, people who like me, people who trust me) to do the script. They work together to figure out what that means -how to be, how to do. There is no audience. I film them. I work with their image.

possible performance has been presented in different shapes and forms:

Arprim, Montreal – 2019 (presented as Sequence of Events)

M:ST, Calgary – 2018

UQAM,  – 2017

01.29.2016 Performers: Jacqueline van de Geer, arkadi lavoir lachapelle
08.11.2015 Performer: Jacqueline Van de Geer
06.15.15 Performer: Hannah Morrow
08.12.2015 Performers: Stephen Quinlan, Lina Moreno, Adriana Disman
08.12.2015 Performers: Adriana Disman
05.25.2015 Performer: Jordan Leoppky-Kolesnik



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