Skeptical of authenticity and curious in plasticity, I endeavor a spectrum of performative modes from banal to dramatic and decorated.  In any case, the outcome might be described as peculiar combinations of blunt, cartoony, dark, wordy, psychological, and visceral.

I like to work with other people, i.e. I collaborate. I need others so that I can see myself better. I come to performance and to the image to be seen and also to look. I look for ways to stage the question of why this seems so essential –to witness. When staging a situation where such questions might occur, I attempt to make the politics (difficulty + desire) visible in order to reveal the stakes of the body at work and in relation.

Born in Edmonton, and based in Montreal since 2005, Emma-Kate Guimond holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance (Concordia University) and a MA in Visual and Media Arts (UQAM). She has presented performances at VIVA! Art Action in Montreal (2019), Visualeyez Festival in Edmonton (2013), Mountain Standard Time in Calgary (2014, 2018), FADO Emerging artist series in Toronto (2014), as well as RIPA in Montreal (2016). From 2009-2017 she was co-director of WIVES collective, with whom she presented feeled (OFFTA, 2016) and ACTION MOVIE (Théâtre Lachapelle, 2017). Recent performances and exhibitions include ATTABLER (2ième porte à gauche, Agora de la danse, 2018), You (TOPO, 2019) and Sequence of events (Arprim, 2019), The Plot (Fonderie Darling, 2020), Charégraphie (Festival Furies, 2021) and Glass (Axénéo7, 2021).

She is presently working on a video-performance called The Plot.

E-mail: emmakate.guimond@gmail.com